What are risk Factors for Hypertension?

Risk factors for Hypertension (high blood pressure) include: Age, Race (Blacks are at an increased risk), Stress, Obesity, Family history, High salt and / or cholesterol intake, oral contraceptives, cigarette smoking, Excessive alcohol use, history of diabetes, gout or kidney disease and a sedentary life style. Some of these issues (Age, race, etc) can not be changed. But, changing the issues you can (life style, diet, etc) can reduce your risk of Hypertension.

Hypertension can be controlled and it is important to monitor and keep track of your blood pressure at home. Other things you can do to control Hypertension include: Taking medications as prescribed, reducing stress, eating low salt/low cholesterol diet, lose weight, stop smoking, avoid alcohol, verify over the counter medication with your physician prior to using, exercise regularly and follow-up with your doctor regularly.

It is very important to control Hypertension, as possible complications of Hypertension include:  Heart attack, Heart Failure, Stroke (CVA), Kidney failure and Malignant Hypertension.