Nursing Home Slip and Fall Injuries

Falls in a nursing home or long-term health care facility are one of the most common forms of injury.  Residents can sustain serious injury from even minor falls, such as broken hips, arms, or legs, and even brain injury.  Unfortunately, in many cases, these injuries can lead to additional long-term injury and consequences, including premature death.

Is the Nursing Home or Long-Term Care Facility Liable for the Injuries Resulting from the Fall?

Nursing homes and long-term health care facilities are not automatically liable for the injuries suffered from a fall.  From a legal perspective, it’s important to assess the health care needs of the individual, and to determine whether the nursing home or care facility was negligent in not providing for the resident’s needs.

For example, based upon the health of the resident, if the nursing home should have recognized that a resident needs assistance in walking or a wheelchair, and the nursing home or care facility did not provide such assistance or a wheelchair, they may be liable for the injuries sustained.

Determining liability for a fall can be highly fact-specific.  At our firm, our nurses on staff carefully review the charts and medical histories of a resident to determine the resident’s needs.  Once we have undertaken this review, we are then able to make an assessment as to what care and assistance should have been provided, and to determine whether we believe that a case for negligence exists.

If a Parent or Loved One Has Suffered From a Fall, Please Contact Us so that We May Learn about the Facts and Circumstances of the Injury

We will be happy to meet with you at your convenience to learn about your case.  If we believe that a case for negligence exists against a nursing home or care facility and accept your case, we will represent the injured resident on a contingency fee basis.  This means that there will be no fee to unless and until we recover a settlement or award.