Emily Peacock

With great compassion and diligence Emily brought due justice to my Father’s case. Her accuracy, availability and professionalism was very much appreciated by the entire family. If you are searching for an attorney who will go above and beyond their call of duty, I highly recommend Emily Peacock. She’s a winner!”



Emily Peacock is an experienced litigator who seeks justice for individuals who have been injured or who have died while in the care of a nursing home, senior living facility, or adult foster care home as the result of wrongful conduct.

As an attorney with over 10 years of experience at two of Michigan’s most successful defense firms, Emily offers a unique perspective in litigating cases involving negligence, neglect, and abuse at nursing homes, adult foster care homes, and senior living facilities. She has litigated numerous wrongful death cases as well as cases involving choking deaths, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and failing to properly monitor residents.  As an experienced Michigan nursing home lawyer, she brings this background to every client’s case.


When placing a loved one’s care into the hands of a nursing home, adult foster home, or other long-term care facility, family members want to feel secure knowing that their family member will be properly cared for. Families should not have to worry about abuse or neglect, or that sub-standard care will result in injury or death.  Tragically, the residents of these facilities are sometimes abused, or suffer injury (or even death), through negligence and neglect.

Our family members who are placed in these facilities deserve more.  Our parents, in particular, should be taken care of with the highest possible care, just as they once cared for us.

As a lawyer with many years of experience litigating cases of abuse and neglect in care facilities, I have seen the problems that arise when non-skilled workers are tasked with caring for adults who have physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and/or who are elderly. Many of Michigan’s most vulnerable adults – those who cannot communicate verbally or have a limited ability to communicate – live in such a setting.

Unfortunately, understaffing, poor training, the failure to perform and implement care assessments, and many other failures can sometimes lead to injury or death.  At the core of these failures is usually a conscious decision to put profits over resident welfare and safety.

When suspicious nursing home and care facility injuries and death occur, we want answers on behalf of residents and families.  In some cases, injuries or even death may have been unavoidable.  If this is the case, then our clients will have peace of mind knowing that no one was at fault.

On the other hand, when injuries or death occur as the result of abuse, negligence, or neglect, we stand ready to pursue justice and fair compensation on behalf of our clients.

While monetary compensation cannot undue injury or death, it does send a strong and meaningful message to a nursing home that the underlying wrongdoing will not be tolerated, and that they should change their practices (or potentially face future lawsuits if other injuries or death take place).

Let us help you.

We have nurses on staff who assist us in making a determination as to whether negligence occurred.  If it appears that a case for negligence exists, we can pursue justice and compensation, if you wish.

We advance litigation costs, and there is no fee for our service unless and until a settlement or jury award is received.

Representative Cases

  • $1,250,000 settlement for 63 year-old man who died as a result of the failure to timely diagnosis and treat sepsis
  • $725,000 settlement for 68 year-old man who was rendered a quadriplegic and died after elective surgery
  • $245,000 settlement for 89 year-old woman who died as a result of her teeth being removed without proper consent
  • $230,000 settlement for 84 year-old man who died after the nursing home failed to take appropriate steps to prevent him from falling