Mission Point Nsg & Phy Rehab Ctr Of Elmwood receives citation for sexual assault of female resident by male resident

On June 15, 2023, Mission Point Nsg & Phy Rehab Ctr Of Elmwood in Detroit, Michigan received citations for failing to protect its residents from all types of abuse such as physical, mental, sexual abuse, physical punishment, and neglect by anybody, and for failing to respond appropriately to such allegations.

The citations related to an incident on May 22, 2023, where the facility failed to protect a vulnerable cognitively impaired female resident from being touched sexually by a cognitively impaired male resident with a criminal sexual history, resulting in actual harm, mental anguish, and feelings of compromised safety and the likelihood for ongoing sexual and/or physical abuse. The state further found that after the incident, the facility failed to complete a full investigation of the incident, and failed to implement interventions to protect the female resident after the incident, resulting in an additional incident of physical/sexual abuse and the subsequent arrest of the male resident.

This state determined that this incident placed the female resident in immediate jeopardy. Immediate jeopardy is a situation in which the nursing home’s non-compliance with one or more requirements has caused, or is likely to cause, serious injury, harm, impairment, or death to a resident.

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