How We Help You and Your Family

How We Help Clients & Their Families

Nursing home abuse and negligence is painful for injured residents and for their families.

For most of us, our parents took good care of us while growing up. As our parents have become older and gradually unable to fully care for themselves, many of us have had to make a difficult decision in choosing a nursing home or care facility for our parents.

When these caregivers break the trust we have placed in them, our firm fights back on behalf of the injured.  Unfortunately, this is the only way that nursing homes and care facilities can be held accountable for their wrongful actions, so that hopefully future generations of residents will not be injured.

How We Work with Family Members of Those Injured

Family members often play a critical role in a case against a nursing home or long-term care facility.  In many instances, the elderly may be fearful of retribution by health care providers at the facility, or they may be suffering from cognitive issues which may make communicating difficult.  The resident may also be fearful of attorneys, even their own attorneys, or may be embarrassed about the situation that occurred.

In proving a case against a nursing home or healthcare facility, it is important to find out from the injured resident exactly what happened, to the extent that the injured resident is able to communicate such information.  Often a family member is helpful in the process of getting this information.

Giving a Voice to the Injured

We serve clients injured through abuse and neglect in nursing homes and long-term care facilities by seeking just compensation for their injuries. To do so, we have nurses on our staff who carefully evaluate medical records to determine whether a basis for nursing home negligence exists.  If there is such a basis, we will bring a lawsuit on behalf of our clients and seek to recover for them compensation for all damages that they sustained.

The Role of Family Members in Helping to Prove Cases of Abuse and Negligence

In many instances, critical information may be necessary about the health and welfare of the resident prior to the time of the injury.  As an example, it may be important to understand the cognitive functions of the resident prior to a fall, such as whether the resident was generally aware of their circumstances, whether they can remember what they had to eat the previous day, and whether they can carry on a conversation.  We will often look to family members to provide information on these matters.

Nursing home negligence lawsuits can last for a year or more.  We are there with our clients and their families every step of the way and seek to take on the burden of litigation so that they can get on with their lives.

How We Can Help

If a parent or loved one has been injured or died in a nursing home or long-term care facility as the result of abuse or neglect, please call us so that we can learn about the facts and circumstances of your case.  We will meet with you on a no-cost, no-obligation basis.  Once we learn about the circumstances, we can explain to you the legal options may be available to recover damages against those responsible.

We accept nursing home and long-term care facility abuse, negligence, and wrongful death cases on a contingency basis.  This means there is no fee to us unless and until we recover a settlement or damages.