Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Facility Injuries – Abuse, Neglect, and Negligence

Assisted living facilities are defined as those facilities that provide some level of care to residents who otherwise may be able to live somewhat independently.  Tragically, these facilities are responsible for causing injury and even death to the seniors and others who depend upon them.

When assisted living facilities accept residents, they normally have a concurrent responsibility for ensuring the safety and proper care of the resident.  The level of care required for a resident will often change (and typically increase) as the resident ages and experiences a decline in health.

How Do Injuries and Death Occur in Assisted Care Facilities?

Injuries and death due to assisted care facility negligence, neglect, and abuse can occur in a variety of situations.  Commonly these involve either the existence of dangerous conditions at the facility, or the lack of proper care being given to a resident.

The facilities themselves can be dangerous due to a number of conditions, such as conditions that could cause residents to fall.  Residents themselves may also be at risk due to a whole host of conditions which result in them not being given the care that they require.  When this happens, injuries from choking, bed sores/pressure sores, and many other circumstances can occur.

Tragically, residents can also be injured through abuse.  Abuse can take the form of verbal abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, undue restraints (from physical restraints or chemical means), or even sexual abuse.

How We Help

If you or a loved one has been injured, of if a loved one has died, due to the fault of an assisted living facility, we can help.  We have been representing the victims of nursing home, long-term face facility, and assisted living facility injuries for decades.

We are tenacious in seeking justice and full compensation for our clients.  We demand full accountability, not only for our clients, but also so that these facilities will realize that they need to change their practices so that others will not be injured in the future.

We routinely litigate against the large corporations that own many nursing home and assisted care facilities, and their teams of lawyers.  While we have an enviable record of successfully recovering compensation through settlements and verdicts in many cases, we can never guaranty a successful outcome.  We can, however, commit to using our full resources and dedicated efforts in seeking a full win for you.

Please call our firm to learn how we can help.