Home for Aged

Detroit Residential Home for the Aged Lawyers

Communities classified as “Residential Home for the Aged” offer an intimate, home like setting for seniors.  These facilities provide their residents with room and board as well as very limited assistance with personal needs, such as grooming. Someone who lives in a home for the aged must be physically and mentally capable of finding their way to safety in the event of an emergency without any assistance from a 3rd party.

Homes for the aged are neither staffed nor licensed to provide nursing care. In fact, state law prohibits homes for the aged from accepting residents who need medical care but they must be safe from disrepair that could cause injury or abuse.

Abuse of the elderly in literally all types of facilities is a growing issue facing tens of thousands of senior citizens every year. As the population of older Americans grows, so does the hidden problem of elder abuse, exploitation and neglect.

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