Adult Foster Care

Adult Foster Care Injury Lawyers & Wrongful Death Attorneys

It is hard to see the mental and physical decline of our loved ones, particularly when they reach the point at which they can no longer care for themselves.  In these situations, we are left with difficult choices concerning finding the right care environment that will be best-suited for their needs, while still offering some semblance of their normal lives.  For some adults, the choice may be what is termed “Adult Foster Care Homes.”

Adult foster care homes are homes in which up to four similarly situated adults may live.  These residents live in a modified home, typically with their own bedroom.  They share common areas, and there is one caregiver on the premises at all times (a caregiver will sleep at the home).  Under these circumstances, many conditions can arise that may lead to injury or even the death of a resident.

What Can Go Wrong? 

Sadly, many things.

The home may include a number of dangers to the residents.  Residents can be left unattended, where (because of a decline in their cognitive abilities), they may leave the home and become injured, or they may even be injured at the home itself through trips, falls, or a number of other circumstances.  They may eat the wrong foods and choke.

Staff or caretakers may forget to give the residents critical medication, or they may be over-medicated.  They may even fail to note a medical event that has been suffered by a resident, such as a mild stroke or heart attack.  Even over a short period of time, residents may experience a significant decline in health where they may need more care than is available at the home, but yet they are not moved.

When Adult Homes are Negligent and Injury or Death Result, We Seek to Hold Them Fully Accountable 

Our firm has been largely dedicated to seeking justice on behalf of the elderly and their families arising from injury or wrongful death caused by nursing homes and other adult care facilities, including adult foster care homes, for decades.  We demand full compensation for those responsible for causing injury through neglect, negligence, and abuse.

While we cannot guaranty a favorable outcome in any case, we have obtained favorable results for our clients in the form of verdicts and settlements against a number of long-term care facilities for our seniors.  Our firm is unique in that our full-time staff includes former practicing nurses who are adept at helping analyze medical records in order to determine the level of care required so that we can better determine whether a facility has been negligent.

If a loved one has been Injured or has Died in an Adult Foster Care Home Due to Negligence or Abuse, Please Call Us.

We offer a free consultation so that we may learn about your case, and we accept cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that there are no fees unless you win.