New Report on the Impact of Understaffing on the Daily Lives of Nursing Home Residents

In March 2024, Consumer Voice published a new report, The Impact of Understaffing on the Daily Lives of Nursing Home Residents. The report highlights the pervasive issue of inadequate staffing in nursing homes, emphasizing its detrimental impact on residents’ quality of life. Despite ongoing discussions about staffing standards focusing on the concerns of nursing home operators, the report redirects attention to residents’ perspectives. A survey conducted by Consumer Voice revealed alarming findings:

  • 88% of respondents stated their facilities lack adequate staff to meet residents’ needs.
  • 87% reported daily or frequent effects of understaffing.
  • Various aspects of residents’ daily lives are affected, including morning routines, participation in activities, dining experiences, medication administration, showering, and hygiene.
  • 74% of residents reported neglect or harm due to understaffing, leading to falls, missed medications, and prolonged wait times for assistance.
  • The report advocates for a federal minimum staffing standard, specifically highlighting the need for a 24-hour on-site registered nurse and emphasizing the correlation between registered nurse presence and improved resident outcomes.
  • Adequate training and compensation are identified as crucial to addressing high staff turnover rates in nursing homes, which significantly impact resident care.
  • Residents express concerns about the lack of continuity in care due to high turnover and reliance on agency staff.

Overall, the report underscores the urgent need for comprehensive staffing reforms in nursing homes to ensure residents receive the high-quality, person-centered care they deserve.

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