Wrongful Death

Nursing Home and Care Facility Wrongful Death

Tragically, death results in some instances of nursing home, assisted living facilities, or adult foster care  abuse and neglect.  This is especially the case as residents may be in poor health prior to the abuse or neglect.  Injuries that might not result in severe consequences to a younger person in good health can instead end up causing death to the elderly.

In many cases, death may not occur immediately after the abuse or neglect.  A resident may suffer a fall that results in incapacitation and brain injury, which quickly transforms the resident from being in relatively good health to needing significant care.  Because of the additional shock and trauma to the body, and because of the fragile nature of many residents, the resident’s physical health may deteriorate rapidly.

In order to recover damages in a wrongful death matter, it must be proved that the injury did in fact ultimately lead to the resulting death, and it must also be proven that the nursing home or care facility was negligent in causing the injury.

We Understand the Pain That Results When Nursing Home and Care Facility Neglect Results in Death to Our Parents and Loved One

If a parent or loved one has died as the result of nursing home abuse or negligence, please call us so that we may learn about your case.  If we accept your case, we will do so on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not owe us any fees unless and until we recover for you.

At this meeting, after learning about your case, we can advise you as to the legal options that you may have for recovery against those who have caused the wrongful death.