The Truth About “Independent Living” in Michigan

Facilities that describe themselves as “Independent Living” or “Senior Living” are for the most part unlicensed and completely unregulated by the State of Michigan. As far as they are concerned, they are nothing more than an apartment complex for seniors, although they provide many of the same amenities commonly seen in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Generally, the only caregivers on staff are unlicensed home health aides or nursing assistants. Many times families believe that these individuals are nurses because they wear scrubs and provide medications. Here are some tips to alert you to the possibility of an unlicensed “independent living facility”. Does your loved one get their medications in daily “blister packs”that have to be prepared in advance by the pharmacy? If so, this is likely an independent living facility. Do the caregivers have an office as opposed to “nurse’s stations” on every floor? If so, this is likely an independent living facility. Remember, these facilities are unlicensed and unregulated.