Rebuttal to Detroit News Editorial by Senator Jim Runestad by Donna M. MacKenzie

Shame on our politicians, who continue to spread misinformation in attempts to score political gain.
Let me be clear. RESIDENTS OF NURSING HOMES ALREADY HAVE THE RIGHT TO PUT VIDEO CAMERAS IN THEIR OWN ROOMS. If you have a family member in a nursing home and you want to use video or audio surveillance, whether hidden or in plain view, you have the right to do so. Just like Norman Beldsoe’s family did.
The proposed bill that was vetoed by the Governor did NOT give nursing home residents the right to use video or audio surveillance. Instead, Senator Runestad’s proposed bill RESTRICTS residents rights, as follows:
The bill requires the resident to make a written request on a notification and consent form before installing surveillance. This bill would take away a resident’s right to use surveillance without notifying the facility.
The bill prohibits audio recording or still photographs, and only allows video recording. This bill would take away a resident’s right to make an audio recording or take photographs.
The bill precludes any evidence of the recording from being used as evidence in court unless a specific notification and consent form is signed before the camera is installed. This bill would take away a resident’s right to use the surveillance footage to hold the facility accountable for abuse and neglect, no matter how egregious.
The bill does not have any penalties for nursing home staff who turn off the video or tamper with it.
Does Senator Jim Runestad really believe that RESTRICTING residents’ rights to use video and audio surveillance is how we protect our seniors?

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