Preventing and / or Managing Liver Cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis is the result of death of liver cells caused by chronic liver disease. The dead cells are replaced by scar tissue and cause liver dysfunction.

Liver Cirrhosis can be prevented and / or managed by abstaining from alcohol, avoiding over the counter medications, and planning rest periods to increase blood flow to the liver. Prevent skin injury and alleviate itching by: repositioning yourself frequently, using pressure relief devices, use soap sparingly, keep fingernails short to prevent scratches, use lotions and moisturizer, keep the room temperature cool and follow good hygiene measures. Weigh yourself daily on the same scale, with the same clothing and at the same time daily to assess for fluid retention. Measuring your abdominal girth is also recommended. Dietary recommendations include eating small frequent meals that are high in calories and carbs, but low in salt and fat, follow diet and vitamin recommendations by your physician.

It is important to report any signs of bleeding or changes in condition / behavior to your physician. Be sure to take medications as prescribed and follow-up with your doctor regularly.