One Fall in Hospital Results In Abrupt Loss of Independence

Olsman, Mueller, Wallace & MacKenzie recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a 78 year-old woman who fell and fractured her left hip while admitted at Botsford Hospital because the staff failed to take the necessary steps to keep her safe.

Our client was admitted to the hospital through the emergency department. Once admitted, the nursing staff did not complete her Nursing Initial Patient History paperwork and did not obtain information about her medical history. Because of this, they did not recognize that our client was at a high risk for falls. They also failed to ensure that she had the proper safety interventions in place, including a bed or chair alarm, proper supervision, and provide the necessary physical assistance to move, stand, or walk.

Prior to hospitalization, our client was living independently with some assistance from her family.
As a result of the fall, she has undergone two surgeries on her fractured leg. She is wheelchair bound and requires 24 hour assistance. She also suffers continued hip pain and depression associated with the abrupt loss of her independence.