Man Suffers Multiple Injuries After Falling From the Third Story of a Nursing Home

Two days after being admitted to St. Anne’s Convalescent Center in Detroit for short-term, post-operative rehabilitation and IV antibiotics, a man escaped his room by tying together bed sheets and climbing out of his third story room.  The nursing home failed to secure doors and windows, putting Mr. T, who was described by nursing staff as experiencing delirium and confusion, at risk for falling.

He was transferred to St. John Providence Moross where his initial injuries included fractures to his pelvis, rib, leg, and ankle as well as acute anemia due to blood loss.  Mr. T underwent multiple blood transfusions and three surgeries to repair the fractures.  For months following his fall, and as a result of his injuries, Mr. T continued to suffer skin ulcers and wound infections including MRSA for which he needed additional surgeries, rehabilitation, and extensive wound care.

Olsman, Mueller, Wallace, and MacKenzie have filed a suit against St. Anne’s Convalescent Center on behalf of Mr. T for the disabling injuries he suffered as a result of the nursing home’s failure to protect him from eloping.