Man Dies Weeks After Fall in Nursing Home

Olsman, Mueller, Wallace & MacKenzie recently filed a lawsuit against Jameison Nursing Home in Harrisville, Michigan, on behalf of a gentleman whose health rapidly declined after a fall.

Mr. A was noted to be cheerful and cooperative upon admission on May 6, 2012, but soon had difficulty adjusting to the facility. Staff noticed that later the same day, he was teary and anxious. Within the next few days, his anxiety grew. Mr. A stated that he was afraid to use his call light because he thought it would alert “kidnappers” to his room, and he was afraid his electronics would ignite and they would “all die by fire.” His ability to adjust was made even more difficult because the nursing home failed to get a bed long enough to accommodate his tall, 6’3” stature. Instead, he was forced to sleep in a recliner chair.

Aware of his inability to sleep in his bed and his growing confusion, staff failed to implement interventions to address Mr. A’s mental state. He was increasingly agitated and confused, refused to use his call light, and believed his medication to be “poison.” During this first week, staff frequently found Mr. A upset, trying to walk without assistance, or trying to escape his “kidnappers.” Nothing was done.

On May 12, 2012, Mr. A was found on the floor of his room. As he had done before, he got up without help and fell; fracturing his hip. He was transferred to a hospital and his condition declined further; he developed pneumonia and surgery had to be canceled.

Within days, it was noted that Mr A’s prognosis was very poor. His fall and fracture caused him significant pain and a severe decline in his mental health and quality of life. On May 20, 2012, just two weeks after admission, Mr. A died of his injuries.