Lahser Hills Care Centre fails to provide resident with assistance of two persons for transfers, resulting in fractured ankle

Despite requiring two person assistance for safe transfers, on November 4, 2011, a nursing assistant transferred a resident on her own and without a gait belt. During the transfer from her wheelchair to her bed, the resident almost fell and her right leg was caught in her wheelchair. After the incident, the resident complained of excruciating pain to her right leg between her knee and ankle. Her right shin was bruised and her right ankle swollen. Despite her injuries, she was not seen by a physician until the following day, nor did the nursing staff complete ongoing pain assessments for the resident. Instead, it was not until November 11, 2011 that a MRI was finally ordered for this resident. A MRI, which was finally performed on November 15, 2011, revealed that the resident had a fractured ankle. The nursing assistant who transferred this resident later admitted that she knew the resident required the assistance of two people for transfers. The nursing assistant received verbal coaching regarding the need to follow the care guide when providing care to residents. In addition, the facility was cited by the state of Michigan for failing to provide the resident with the assistance she required.