Improper Procedure Leads to Multiple Injuries at Heartland Health Care Center-Allen Park

A woman, who was admitted to a skilled nursing facility for physical rehabilitation after hospitalization for back pain, was dropped by an unlicensed nursing assistant who attempted to move her from her wheelchair to a shower chair without help.  The nursing assistant failed to use a lift device ordered by the physical therapist taking care of Ms. R.   Lift devices are designed to safely transfer patients who have limited mobility and strength.

Ms. R was transferred to a hospital where she was treated for a head injury, facial bruising and a wrist fracture resulting from the fall.  The head injury has caused long-term health issues including confusion, memory loss, impaired mobility, and compromised safety awareness for which she now requires constant supervision.

Olsman, Mueller, Wallace, and MacKenzie have filed suit on behalf of Ms. R’s family against Heartland Health Care Center for the pain, suffering, emotional distress, and loss of life’s enjoyment resulting from her injuries.