Impact of Alzheimer’s Disease on Family Care Givers

A new survey that was recently released by the National Family Care givers Association (NFCA) and Forest Laboratories, Inc. revealed what family care givers fear most. The first fear was their loved one’s general health and physical decline, and the second fear was that Alzheimer’s will take away their loved one’s ability to communicate. A decline in communication with their loved ones is also a major source of stress and interferes with the care givers ability to fulfill responsibilities and obligations, in what is considered to be an incredibly stressful job in itself. The survey noted that despite these obstacles, most care givers surveyed adopted new ways to communicate with those they provide care for and also ” feel they have become better communicators themselves.” Observing facial expressions and body language and utilizing pictures and photos are the most common alternative methods when communication becomes more difficult to achieve. To read more on this survey, Alzheimer’s disease or about the NFCA, go to //