How Do I Choose A Nursing Home?

Choosing a nursing home for yourself or a loved one is a difficult decision.  Unfortunately, the decision frequently has to be made after an unexpected hospitalization.  This is a decision that cannot be taken lightly.  People are usually hospitalized suddenly and discharge is planned with short notice, leaving no time to research and choose the right facility.

When you purchase a home, you research the area, the schools, you look at a lot of different placed until you find just the right one.  For some, this nursing home stay may be longer than originally anticipated and may even become their home.   That’s why it is important to do some research before that time arrives.

There are resources you can use to identify the type of care provided in nursing homes in your area.  One such resource is ( this provides you with information about numerous nursing homes throughout the United States.  It provides Medicare ratings of the facility based on health inspections and confirmed violations.

Don’t be caught choosing a nursing home from a list someone wrote down.  Do your homework and be prepared!!