Helping Your Loved One Adjust to Nursing Home Living – Tip #6

Moving to a new living situation is a big adjustment. This can be made easier by providing as many remembrances and favorite belongings as their new room will comfortably and tastefully contain. A cherished piece of furniture like a rocker or recliner or Gramma’s dresser can immediately make an unfamiliar space feel homey. A special blanket, heirloom quilt or a stuffed animal can quickly bring a sense of comfort. Bring photographs or memory books because family pictures provide a sense of familiarity for your loved one and also are a springboard for conversation and interest among other residents, roommates and staff. Photos keep memories of family close, but remember that, especially in cases of dementia, it is the memory from long ago that are held onto the longest. Therefore, it’s good to include pictures of their youth, siblings, pets and wedding along with recent photos of their children and grandchildren. By adding these familiar touches, you will create a more homelike atmosphere for your loved one. An important safety precaution to be aware of, when adding decorations of any kind is to avoid clutter which could cause a fall. It is the responsibility of the facility to keep residents safe.