Helping Your Loved One Adjust to Nursing Home Living – Tip #5

Your presence during the initial admission assessments could help assure that your loved one receives quality care at the new nursing home.  A family member or friend may be able to share information with the staff when your loved one is unable to remember.  The Activities Department offers an opportunity for residents to participate in social events, one on one settings and individual ways to spent their time.  Information that you would want to share with the activity director should include interests and hobbies that your loved one enjoys. This could include topics such as reading, movies, favorite TV shows, hand work, crafts, gardening, cooking, manicures, shopping, art work, religion, singing, dancing, physical activity, even conversation or talking about memories.  The staff may also read mail to the residents.  Many Activity Departments arranges pet and children visits, go on outings and attend local events.  Family or friends may be allowed to go on outings and frequently the Activities Department will welcome the offer to be a volunteer.  This may also provide an opportunity to observe what takes place in the facility.  It is the responsibility of the facility to offer activities which engage each resident.  They should also follow any  precautions necessary to keep the residents safe during activity events.  Remember, communication is the key to help prevent, identify and solve any potential problems that may develop and promoting a positive adjustment to the nursing home.