Helping Your Family Member Adjust to Nursing Home Living-Tip #21

Revision of our Fall Care Plan, created as an example in Tip #18, would be necessary if a fall occurred or your loved one continued to place themselves in an unsafe situation, such as, attempting  self transfers, despite the current safety precautions in place.  The changes made should be based on how and why the problem occurred and would be identified by reassessment.  The focus would be directed toward prevention of falls from reoccurring.  Typically, an incident report is completed, following a fall or injury.  An assessment and completion of a Fall Risk Assessment (discussed earlier) may indicate obvious changes required; otherwise, it is up to the team to determine what changes are necessary to maintain safety.  Some facilities may even reenact an incident, which may help identify problem areas.  Interviews with staff, present during an incident, may also be helpful.  The new interventions should reflect changes in care, including but not limited to, further safety precautions and/or safety equipment required to help prevent further falls and/or injuries to your loved one.  The nursing staff may also complete assessments and documentation every shift, for up to three days following an incident.  This will help ensure that no further injuries have developed, as a result of the incident. More to follow on the nursing process and care planning.