Helping Your Family Member Adjust to Nursing Home Living-Tip #19

Care plans, created for the residents living in a nursing home and utilize the nursing process, will be further explained.  The fourth stage, implementation, involves the actual initiation of the plan of care.  Once the care plan has been created, the staff should provide care accordingly.  The interventions, created specifically for your loved one, should consist of physician orders, facility protocols and/or accepted standard of care or practice, based on their needs.  Documentation by the staff will reveal the progress your loved one has or has not made.  Scheduled review of the current plan of care is necessary.  Stage five, evaluation, is continuously performed by the staff, as they determine if the outcomes or goals have been met.  Outcomes not met will require the staff to reassess and revise the care plan.  More to follow on the nursing process, care planning and the general care plan example addressing safety issues.