Helping Your Family Member Adjust to Nursing Home Living-Tip #17

Care plans are created for the residents living in a nursing home and utilize the nursing process.  To further explain the five stages of this process, a very general and simple example, addressing safety issues will be presented.  The assessment may reveal that the resident has a history of falls, is unsteady when walking and weak, may attempt to walk without assistance and impaired judgment with a diagnosis of dementia.  A nursing diagnosis, bases on these actual or potential problems, may be described as a  potential for falls or injury.  The planning of the residents care is then formulated and a desirable outcome may include a statement, such as, the resident will have no injury related to falls or safety will be maintained.  Once the problem and the nursing diagnosis are identified (nurses cannot make medical diagnoses) and a goal has been determined, interventions are created to help achieve the goal.  The interventions are focused on preventing the problems identified during the assessment and will guide the staff in the care that is needed.  More to follow on care plans, interventions, and the stages of the nursing process including implementation and evaluation.