Helping Your Family Member Adjust to Nursing Home Living – Tip # 15

The nursing process is used by nurses to deliver care, help improve the health and assist in treatment of patients (or residents in a nursing home). The process is always the same. Nursing knowledge is utilized throughout the process to formulate changes in the approach to the patient’s condition as changes occur. The stages of the nursing process begin with the assessment of the patient’s needs, which has already been discussed. The nursing diagnosis is then formulated and based upon the nurses clinical judgement about the patient’s response to actual or potential health needs or conditions. The next stage, planning, of the patient’s care includes measurable and achievable interventions and outcomes to achieve those goals. A customized plan of care is then created. Implementation is the actual initiation of the care plan and the care is documented in the patient’s record. Evaluation of the patient’s status, the effectiveness of the interventions and their response is the last stage of the nursing process. Changes on the care plans are made as needed. More to follow related to the nursing process and safety of your loved one residing in a nursing home.