Helping Your Family Member Adjust to Nursing Home Living – Tip #10

        A move into a nursing home is seldom easy for either the loved one or their family and  can become overwhelming.  The well-being and safety of your loved one is of the utmost importance and can be a concern for family members. When one moves into a nursing home, they are literally placed “in the hands” of the staff working at the facility to ensure a safe environment.  The care and precautions provided by the facility should be based on the resident’s needs and risk factors.   A family member or friend may be able to provide the staff with additional information, especially if the resident is unable to answer questions.   Factors that may place your loved one in potential harm may be based on medical, physical, psychological or environmental reasons, as well as the efficiency of the staff providing care.  Information that you would want to share with the nursing staff regarding your loved one’s safety risks should include  any need for assistance to perform activities of daily living, a recent change in their condition, known safety risks, a history of falls or a habit of wandering. The facility should provide  your loved one with a safe environment, instruction and education, rehabilitation and therapy, equipment and tools and monitoring and supervision to meet this goal of maintaining safety. Communication with your loved one and the staff is the key to help prevent, identify and solve any potential problems that may develop and promoting a positive adjustment to the nursing home.