Helping a Loved One Adjust to a Nursing Home – Tip #4

Your presence during the initial admission assessments could help assure that your loved one receives quality of care at the new nursing home. A family member or friend may be able to provide the staff with information on behalf of your loved one. The social worker is a good contact if you or your loved one have concerns about the placement in the facility. Information that you would want to share with the social worker should include if your loved one is struggling with this new admission and feeling any resentment, anxiety, anger, fear, sadness or loss. The social worker should also be informed of any family conflicts, behavior issues, confusion or if wandering is a problem. In any case, the social worker will want to get a social history and a list of any related medication, necessary to monitor such a condition.  The Social Service Department can provide direction if needed to assist you in obtaining and completing necessary financial forms, will be responsible for the discharge process (if placement was short term) and will be able to provide information on available community resources.  The care and precautions provided by the facility should be based on the resident’s needs and risk factors.   Remember, communication is the key to help prevent, identify and solve any potential problems that may develop and promoting a positive adjustment to the nursing home.