Helping a Loved One Adjust to a Nursing Home – Tip #2

Admission day is a busy time and can become overwhelming because forms need to be completed and many staff members will need to gather of information. If possible, be available when the interdisciplinary team assessments are performed, or provide a written outline of details describing health history, current medications, issues and concerns. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself in case a page gets misplaced.   A family member or friend may be able to provide the staff with additional information, especially if the resident is unable to answer questions. If your loved one is coming from a hospital, some of the medical information will be passed along to the facility, but that’s not always a guarantee! Information that you would want to share with the nursing staff should include a medical history, current medications, allergies, recent medical complications, incontinence, pain or skin issues and activity limitations or need for assistance. Be sure to let them know if your loved one has any safety risks, a history of falls or a habit of wandering. The care and precautions provided by the facility should be based on the resident’s needs and risk factors. Communication is the key to help prevent, identify and solve potential problems that may develop and promote a positive adjustment to the nursing home.