Helping a Loved One Adjust to a Nursing Home – Tip #1

A move into a nursing home usually occurs due to the need for ongoing nursing care. To assure that your loved one adjusts to the changes and also receives quality of care, it is important that you are available for support and encouragement. If possible, try to go with the person (or go by yourself) on a tour of the new facility prior to the admission. Introduce yourselves to the staff and other residents and their families. Pick up a calendar of activities, Resident’s Rights and inquire about the Resident and Family Council meetings. If the opportunity arises, meet the interdisciplinary team, usually composed of a nurse and/or a restorative nurse, social worker, activities director and the dietitian. They will be performing assessments of your loved one and are usually responsible for planning a resident’s comprehensive care. The care and precautions provided by the facility should be based on the resident’s needs and risk factors.  Communication with your loved one and the staff is the key to help prevent, identify and solve any potential problems that may develop and promoting a positive adjustment to the nursing home.