Did Livonia Assisted Living Facility Change Name to Cover Up Violations?

Investigative reporter Scott Lewis, of WXYZ Channel 7 in Detroit, uncovered alarming information about Ashley Court, an assisted living facility in Livonia.  Ashley Court was recently known as Berkley Court, and had a disturbing list of violations.

Michigan Department of Human Services, the agency that issues licenses and regulates adult foster care facilities, was unaware that Berkley Court of Livonia recently changed its name to Ashley Court.  Licensed facilities in Michigan can be searched on the department’s website.  Original and renewal licensing reports, and violations can be found on each facility’s page.  A search for Ashley Court of Livonia will return no results because they are not licensed under that name.  But, there are plenty of violations under their official name, Berkley Court.

Berkley Court originally operated four buildings, each with its own license.  Residents of Berkley Court are physically handicapped, mentally ill, or suffer from Alzheimer’s, as stated in the original licensing reports.  According Mr. Lewis’ investigation, one of the buildings was voluntarily shut down after state inspectors confirmed that two staff members were physically abusing all of the residents there.  The remaining three buildings have disturbing violations on record.

In August 2007, state investigators concluded that a resident from building II was punched in the face by a staff member.  The resident sustained a black eye and severe swelling.  Staff members failed to seek medical treatment for the injury until three days later.  The staff member who struck the resident was also found to have maliciously intimidated another resident who reported that he witnessed the abuse.

At building III, one staff member was accused smacking a resident twice on the mouth, with the back of her hand, and calling the resident a vile curse word.  Statements by three other staff members in July 2011 confirmed that the resident was physically and verbally abused.

In June 2012, the renewal licensing report for building IV listed a number of deficiencies:

  • Missing criminal background checks for employees
  • Missing documentation that employees had been trained in key areas such as first aid, CPR, patient rights, and fire safety.
  • Employee reference checks were not done
  • Resident medication errors and incorrect documentation
  • Unclean and badly maintained environment

These are just a few of the violations listed under the remaining three buildings licensed as Berkley Court of Livonia, now operating as Ashley Court.  According to the WXYZ investigation, last week the state inspected the buildings again, and found only minor violations.  The Department of Human Services stated it will ensure that anyone searching for the newly named Ashley Court on the database will be redirected to Berkley Court.