Developmentally Disabled Woman Suffers Broken Leg

A mentally handicapped Detroit woman was returned to her home with a shattered ankle after a routine outing with her homecare provider, who works for ExpertCare Management Services.  The caregiver failed to provide adequate supervision and assistance to the woman whose leg was broken either by a fall or by being crushed in a car door.

Ms. T’s brother, who she lived with at the time, had to carry her from the car into the house where he noticed her leg was bleeding and appeared disfigured.  She was transferred to a local emergency room where it was discovered that she had a broken tibia and fibula, and joint immobility.

Since the injury, which happened on December 7, 2010, Ms. T has endured multiple, recurring health issues including fractures, blisters, joint contraction, and infections requiring intravenous antibiotics.  She has undergone extensive surgical procedures to repair the fractures and the joint including internal fixation with screws and plates, external fixation, and serial casting.

Ms. T is currently admitted to a long-term nursing facility because her limited mobility makes her unable to return home.  She continues to take medication for the pain, and has become emotionally regressed due to the stress and anxiety caused by the injury.

Olsman, Mueller, Wallace, and MacKenzie have filed suit on behalf of Ms. T.