Defective Depuy Hip Implants

Search most class action websites and you will likely see news about Johnson & Johnson and Depuy hip implants.  This hip implant was used by many orthopedic surgeons in procedures called a “total hip arthroplasty”.   The devices were supposed to stabilize the hip-joint and reduce the hip pain that the patients were suffering.  Instead, the implants are failing, causing many patients to experience excruciating pain and then need surgeries to remove the implant.

It is now known that these implants are defective.  The implants have a tendency to loosen and cause severe, excruciating pain and difficulty with walking.  Surgery is generally required to remove and replace the implant.  If you or someone you love has had a previous hip implant and never truly “recovered”, it might be because they received a Depuy Implant.  Our office may be able to help.  You can contact us at 248.591.2300 or