Bedsore discovered as unstageable at Medilodge of St. Clair

Medilodge of St Clair, Inc. (St Clair, MI) incorrectly used a chair cushion resulting in an unstageable bedsore.

On November 29th, a resident with multiple sclerosis, therefore a high risk for bedsores, developed one on her backside due to an incorrectly placed chair cushion. It also may have been aggravated due to lack of turning. A CNA incorrectly placed a chair cushion in her wheelchair and within a day the sore began to form. Later that day during cleaning, the bedsore was discovered at an unstageable status, meaning the skin was completely dead in that area. The resident was taken to quality assurance (QA) and given treatment. Her care plan was reviewed to include chair cushions and air mattresses in prevention of sores, though they should have been used correctly to prevent suffering.