What is Angina ? Angina (or Angina Pectoris) is chest pain caused when there is not enough oxygen being delivered to the heart, caused by decreased blood flow. Signs and symptoms of Angina include: chest pain, anxiety, indigestion, sweating and shortness of breath. Chest pain can occur in the center of the chest, in the neck, jaw, inner aspects of the arm, upper abdomen or between the shoulder blades. Some things that can bring on Angina include: sudden physical exertion, emotional stress, consumption of a heavy meal, temperature extremes, Nicotine, hypertension, obesity, constipation with excessive straining. Controlling the above can decrease your risk of Angina. Some people ask, if sudden exercise can bring on Angina, why am I told to exercise? The key work here is SUDDEN exercise. It is important to start slow, exercise regularly and take regular rest periods. Angina can cause other complications such as a heart abnormalities, heart attack or cardiac arrest resulting in sudden death. It is important to speak to your doctor  and take measures to reduce your risk of Angina.