On September 18, 2011, the New York Times printed an article about Ron Johnson, a former of University of Michigan and New York Giants standout football player and the fact that he has Alzheimer’s disease. Mr. Johnson, who is now 63 years old, is a very large individual who is in extremely good physical condition. Imagine the challenges associated with rendering care to an individual of his physical size and stature who is only 63 years old.

Scientific imaging devices such as MRIs have allowed physicians for the first time to analyze the effect that contact sports such as football have on the brain and what the long-term effects of this type of physical contact may be.

The cost of Ron Johnson’s care at a New Jersey long-term care facility is $7,900 per month, not including medication expenses of $400 per month.

While it is stunning to see a football icon be the recipient of long-term care for profound dementia, it is hoped that his predicament will help improve care provided to the huge population of individuals in the United States suffering from dementia.