Paralyzed Man Suffers Burns on His Hands from Scalding Water

Paralyzed by a cervical spine injury, and left with little movement and sensation in his extremities, Mr. W relies on the assistance of home care professionals to help him with activities of daily living. On July 17, 2012, Mr. W’s…

Elderly Man Suffers Fireplace Burns After Home Care Aide Falls Asleep on Duty

Olsman, Mueller, Wallace & MacKenzie has filed suit against ResCare Homecare Service and a home care aide who negligently fell asleep on the job when she should have been caring for an elderly Ingham County gentleman.  While she slept, Mr….

Nursing Home Resident Injured With 2nd Degree Burns

On November 22, 2011 a resident received 2nd degree burns from spilling soup on himself during mealtime at Metron Nursing Home in Belding, MI. He was left unattended in the dining room, though his care plan specifically states that at least one person assists him with meals.

Mackinac Straits Long Term Care Unit cited after resident suffers second degree burn when staff failed to check temperature of hot pack

During a survey performed at Mackinac Straits Long Term Care Unit in December of 2011, the state surveyor discovered that a resident had sustained a second degree burn that was 9 cm X 5 cm in size after receiving a treatment using a moist…