Pressure Ulcers: A Silent Killer

            A pressure ulcer develops because of  prolonged pressure on the skin from being in one position too long.   They are very common in older individuals and those who recently had surgery or experienced a serious illness.  Pressure ulcers are almost always avoidable; however, too often they go undiagnosed and untreated because medical staff fail to inspect the patient’s skin.  Left without appropriate care, a pressure ulcer can cause MRSA; a bone infection known as osteomyelitis; and a rampant, body-wide infection known as sepsis.

         Most often, pressure ulcers are found on boney areas like the heals, elbows, tail bone, or the boney edges of the hips.  In order to prevent pressure ulcers, it is important to frequently turn or reposition your loved one (around every two hours).    Also good nutrition and hydration are very important to keep the skin healthy and promote healing.