Lake Woods Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Muskegon Ignore a Man’s Call for Help

A 68 year-old man died when nursing home staff at Lake Woods Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Muskegon entirely ignored the fact that he was in distress and failed to render life-saving CPR to him.

The gentleman who died had a known history of having episodes of respiratory distress. In fact, on May 5, 2012 and May 30, 2012, the gentleman was in respiratory distress and the nursing home staff immediately notified EMS. On both occasions, the gentleman was taken to the hospital, cared for and released back to the facility in an improved condition.

Despite knowing that this gentleman’s medical history included episodes of respiratory distress, the nursing home staff failed to recognize that he was in jeopardy, failed to notify EMS, and failed to perform CPR on June 14, 2012. On that night, the gentleman engaged his call light. A CNA entered his room, but did not approach the man because she thought he was sleeping. The CNA did not even take the gentleman’s vital signs.

Two hours later, the CNA returned to the man’s room and attempted to take his vital signs. She immediately felt that his hands were cold and noticed that he was unresponsive. The CAN called for assistance and a nurse entered the room and stated the resident had a “death look,” which she described as pale, cold, and past the point of help. She felt he was “too far gone” so she took his pulse and checked his lungs with a stethoscope. She did not notify EMS or begin CPR as she was required to do. The nurse later admitted that she should have tried CPR or called 911.

Unfortunately, no one came to the aide of this man until two hours after his initial call for help, which was far too late. Had the CNA done her job and appropriately responded to this gentleman’s call light, he may still be alive today.