Helping Your Loved One Adjust to Nursing Home Living

A move into a nursing home or assisted living is seldom easy for either the loved one or their family, however, even though  it may be a difficult transition, it can still have a positive outcome.  As we age, change in any form becomes more difficult to accept. Those making the move may recognize that they are giving up their independence as they struggle with sadness, anger, fear, anxiety and loss. Many moving into a new facility are also giving up their home, privacy, pets, neighbors, car, checkbook and most of the things that define the life they have known and their comfort zone.  As a family member, your support and encouragement can make the difference and help your loved one adjust and process the changes, resulting in a positive move for all involved. Getting off to a good start may very well alleviate problems in the future and assure quality of care from the facility. Watch for tips and suggestions on ways you can be supportive to your loved one as they adjust to their new environment and also ways to recognize potential pitfalls and how to deal with them before they become problems