Helping Your Family Member Adjust to Nursing Home Living – Tip #11

When one moves into a nursing home, the well-being and safety of your loved one is of the utmost importance. The care and precautions provided by the facility should be based on the resident’s needs and risk factors.   Upon admission to a new facility, the staff should identify risk factors that may cause potential injury to your loved one.  When the risk factors are identified, the care and focus is directed on prevention of injury or harm to the resident. During the admission process, a fall risk assessment is usually performed on new residents. This is accomplished in several different ways, but frequently aided by the completion of a standard Fall Risk Assessment form or known guidelines, based on the resident’s identified risk factors, discovered during the admission process.  A family member or friend, if present during this time, may be able to provide the staff with valuable information, especially if the resident is unable to answer questions. If possible, notify the facility of known risk factors even before your loved one is admitted to the nursing home.  The staff could then prepare for the arrival of you loved one by having the necessary equipment on hand or by making necessary adjustments in their room to meet these needs and to help provide a safe environment.  Communication with your loved one and the staff is the key to help prevent, identify and solve any potential problems that may develop and promoting a positive adjustment to the nursing home.