Adult Foster Care Home Fails to Provide Adequate Supervision to a Resident, Resulting in his Death

Mr. M was a resident at Fallow Court Home, an adult foster care group in Romulus, Michigan. While a resident at this facility, Mr. M required sufficient direct care staff on duty at all times for his supervision, care, and protection. Mr. M required this attention because he suffered from dysphasia (difficulty with swallowing) and self-control and non-compliance issues. He had a feeding tube due to the dysphasia and was not allowed to eat anything by mouth.

On September 3, 2012, Mr. M was left unsupervised and with access to a piece of pizza. He attempted to eat the pizza but began to choke. A member of the direct care staff found him choking and tried the Heimlich maneuver, but Mr. M was unresponsive. The staff member called 911, and Mr. M was transported to the hospital. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Olsman, Mueller, Wallace & MacKenzie has filed suit on behalf of the Estate of Mr. M.

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