Proving a Nursing Home Negligence Case

What must be proven in order to win a nursing home negligence case?

In nursing home negligence cases, a family often becomes the voice for their loved one. They can tell us what they witnessed, to whom they spoke, and whether a nursing home provided answers.

Nursing homes often refuse to provide answers or withhold information.  This is where our experienced nursing home negligence team steps in.  Once a client contacts our office, we immediately begin investigating the circumstances surrounding an injury.

We also have nurses on staff who thoroughly examine medical records and provide informed opinions on whether a nursing home failed to provide quality care.  Our tenacious Michigan nursing home negligence lawyers review the facts of a case, determine whether any records are missing, and fight in court to ensure critical documents are provided.  We also work hard to ensure that all oral and written witness statements are brought to light.  Even if a loved one is unable to speak for himself or herself, you can rest assured that our Michigan nursing home abuse team will do everything in our power to obtain the answers you deserve.